Loft Conversion Ideas: 5 Real Spaces to Inspire Your Project

Looking for loft conversion ideas? We’ve collected 5 of the best examples around for masses of design and layout inspiration

There are plenty of loft conversion ideas to consider before you start your project, from what you want to use the space for, to the design for the interior and exterior finishes. 

Converted lofts can be awkward spaces to get right, from dealing with sloping ceilings to pockets of space that don’t have much headroom, inspiration is key to getting the most from your space. 

We’ve curated 5 of the very best modern loft conversion projects to make sure you’re covered, from lighting and storage to glazing and cladding. 

1. Use Loft Conversion Ideas to Explore the Best use of Space

Converting a loft into a usable room is a great idea for those who want to add some extra space without encroaching on the garden. They key to a successful design is to plan what the new area will be used for early on. 

Whether it’s a new master bedroom suite away from the hustle and bustle of downstairs, a home office, or an extra living room as children become teenagers, loft conversions are best designed with a firm purpose from the off. 

2. Think about a Dormer Loft Conversion for Extra Head Room

While converting a loft is possible without extending, adding dormer windows will provide a little extra headroom, meaning every inch of the floor space is utilised — while saving a few bumped head along the way! 

3. Include a Rooflight on a Dormer Roof Loft Extension 

The deep dormer window designed by Amos Goldreich Architecture to extend this loft conversion space could have created a tunnel-like effect, but by incorporating windows around the dormer, including a rooflight above, the space is filled with light, creating the perfect spot for a bit of yoga.

4. Work With Awkward Spaces Where Possible in a Loft Conversion

If a dormer extension is not possible, make the most of a smaller space by creating features from alcoves, fireplace flues and, of course the vaulted ceiling which is included in so many loft conversions. 

This example injects natural light with a rooflight and has positioned the toilet and smaller bathroom units under the eaves, freeing up space at the apex for a shower and the sink. 

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5. Decide on a Layout that Works Best from the Start 

Deciding on the position of furniture right from the start will save a lot of headaches (and costs) further down the line. Work out what will be included in the new space and from there plan plug sockets, light fittings and any built-in storage accordingly. 

Here, this small loft conversion has ingeniously positioned the compact radiator at the lowest point of the room, out of the way, while the route around the bed has plenty of headroom. 

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