Home Extensions

Extending your home is a popular way to increase space and add value to your property. With the hassle and costs of moving house – from legal fees to stamp duty – the reasons to stay put and improve your existing home soon mount up. But where do you start?

A home extension is a popular way to acquire some extra space in your property, with the added benefits of an increase in value of your home.
A small house extension can cost between £20,000 and £30,000, whereas a large extension can cost between £60,000 up to £100,000.

Interested in home extension ? Read away!

Here is a quick check-list that will help you make the right choices as you start your new project.

  • Does your extension comply with Building Regulations? Even though your house extension doesn’t require planning permission because it is allowed under Permitted Development, you still need to get Building Regulations approval.
  • Is your extension going to add value to your property? Make sure that the cost of the project is fully covered by the added value. If the project cost is greater than anticipated, it could be a good idea to modify your plans accordingly.
  • Preserve the overall aesthetic sense of your property. Choose the materials carefully and patiently, aiming at sourcing matching materials. Just because you are building an extension, it doesn’t mean it should look like an extension. Aesthetic considerations can impact the perceived/real value of your property.
  • Choose the right contractor. Choose a contractor with a solid reputation for providing value for your money. Entrusting your project to the right people could become the determining factor in deciding whether your project will be a success or a failure.

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